2017 Unique Student Missions and Conference

By Unique Student Ministries (other events)

Mon, Jul 24 2017 9:00 AM CST Fri, Jul 28 2017 9:00 PM CST

The Unique Student Ministry Conference exists to glorify God and make disciples by understanding the neglected and advancing the mission of Jesus Christ to students by providing gospel-centered platforms that elevate the truth of the Gospel and lead students to live UNIQUE lives in service to our Savior and King.  

We can't wait to see you in July for this week long conference! There are different speakers and guests each night.  Every night is filled with worship and biblical teaching that will impact your life as a student!  The days are for serving in the community in various projects (sports camps, VBS Clubs, Home Repairs, Prayers Walks, and more) Come and experience all that God has in store for you!

Pray for the Lord's guidance to participate July 25-29, 2016.  If you are a Youth Pastor registering for a group we ask that you assess the resources and talents of your students. Then we will place your group in the area where your gifts and talents will flourish for the kingdom of God.  If you are an individual let us know and we will find a place for you to serve as well.


You must bring printed tickets and/or the confirmation information with You to the conference.  THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Tickets are transferrable.

Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, firearms, knives, drugs, or fireworks are not allowed at the conference.  You will be asked to leave and will not be given a refund if you are found to be in possession of any of these items. 

If you are involved in any altercation or pose any kind of potential threat or harm towards any of the students, staff, or volunteers you will be asked to leave the premises and will not be given a refund. 

Mailing Address

PO BOX 30100 Houston, TX 77249